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http://philbergman.com/wp-config.php---- This is a thank-you letter dedicated to a child care center that has made a big difference in my children’s lives.

azithromycin dosage prescription All mothers fear when it is time to go back to work wondering if their kids will be safe and taken care of properly. I have had a couple of bad experiences and have had to remove my children under unhappy circumstances. Desperate and wanting to quit work, I knew this was just not an option. I had to find somewhere that held true to their name. I found them … Kitsap Child Care and Preschool.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful and pleasant center. Since my kids have been enrolled here they have been so happy and have shown so much growth. They actually enjoy coming to school and they are always happy when I pick them up.

Thank you for also making me feel comfortable as a mother and a person. You are all wonderful people and child care providers. I am so grateful to have found you and your center. I cannot thank you enough for your support, friendliness, cleanliness and care of our children.

~Laura, Precious Daraye Melde and family


KCCP has been and continues to be a warm, loving and caring environment for my children. My children learn educational strategies through a preschool curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of early learning with a focus on a positive and fun learning environment. KCCP staff go above and beyond their duties to provide our children with every opportunity to learn and flourish socially. They are all patient, kind and work with all the children to bring out the best in them. My children love everyone at KCCP and enjoy coming to school everyday. We are grateful for KCCP and all that they do for our children and the community. I recommend this organization to anyone looking for quality preschool and child care for his or her child.

~Jennifer & Brian Simpson



We have been with Kitsap Childcare and Preschool for almost 2 years and are so happy with our experience! Our kids love going to school every day and we are so pleased with the staff who are professional and caring. We think it is great that the kids are able to go on so many different field trips – many of them within walking distance to the Center. Not only do our kids learn from the great curriculum and staff at the center, they love being there and are very clearly loved by their teachers and staff.

We wanted a daycare that provided educational opportunities for our kids, and a place that was big enough that our two kids (2 years apart) could be in their own classrooms with age-appropriate activities. Having come from another large childcare center, we also had some concerns about choosing a big center. We quickly realized that we’d chosen the RIGHT place for our family when we started at KCCP. We now recommend KCCP to everyone because we have been so pleased. Everybody in our family gives KCCP 5 stars!

~Karen McKay Bevers